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Halsey Unveils Makeup and Skincare Faves as Latest IPSY Glam Bag X Collaborator

“I am so excited to share my Glam Bag X collection,” says Halsey, in a release. “I’ve been a makeup junkie since I was a teenager, always grabbing and experimenting with whatever product I could get my hands on. So I’ve tried it all; drugstore to designer, neutral and natural to experimental and avant-garde. I took this mix and match approach to curating my Glam Bag X collection so I can confidently say there’s something in it for everyone. You can do your basic glow, everyday face, take really amazing care of your skin, and you can play up your adventurous side experimenting with high-impact color.”

IPSY has always been known for its vast selection of products, which cater to different skin tones, skin types, makeup styles and sensitivities. As with all their Glam Bag X collaborations, five of the products in the Glam Bag x Halsey set will be tailored to each shopper’s individual preferences. You can also choose from a personalized assortment via IPSY’s proprietary machine learning technology, IPSY MATCH.

The Glam Bag x Halsey collection is available to order here on and ships in August. The first two Glam Bag X collaborations sold out well in advance of their ship date, so we recommend placing your orders now.

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